Keep Your Animals Fenced In

Secure your property with a field fence in Wayland & Crawfordsville, IA

A field fence from Double S Fencing Inc. will stop horses, cows and sheep from wandering out of their enclosures. Sturdy field fences can also keep rabbits and foxes from invading your property. You'll be able to protect your livestock as well as your crops.

You can rely on us for a variety of fence types, including:

  • Barbed or woven wire, to deter cattle
  • No-climb wire, which is great for horses
  • Netted wire, to hold goats and hogs
Choose the right fence for your livestock by calling us to install a field fence in Wayland & Crawfordsville, IA.

Not all livestock fencing is the same

Not all livestock fencing is the same

Livestock fencing is available in many styles and materials. Choosing the right fence means the difference between contained animals and loose ones. You don't want to spend your whole day chasing after stray goats and cows. We'll provide you with adequate fencing to contain every animal in your care.

We can install fencing on your property no matter how expansive it is. We have experience working on very large projects. You can also count on us when you need continuous fencing (pipe fencing welded together).

For all your livestock fencing needs in Wayland & Crawfordsville , IA, just call Double S Fencing. We can install new fences in no time.